Chaya Venice Happy Hour

If this blog is going to be about life in Santa Monica, then it most certainly needs to include one of my favorite things to do here…Happy Hour! Santa Monica is filled with amazing restaurants, bars, and lounges that offer great happy hours during the week and many even on the weekends. One of my favorite spots to hit up is Chaya Venice. Now, it’s called Chaya Venice, but they really could have named it Chaya Santa Monica or Chaya Venice because it  sits on what most locals would consider the border of Venice and Santa Monica. The main cross streets are Main Street and Rose Avenue and Rose is more or less considered the street where Santa Monica ends and Venice begins. But you probably came here to read about good food and happy hours, not city borders, so on to the food!

Chaya Venice Happy Hour


If you read my “about me” page then you know I love my sushi. Even though Chaya is not a Japanese restaurant or a sushi bar, they have amazing sushi. I love nigiri and sashimi, but for happy hour I usually stick to the happy hour rolls since they are under $6 and just as delicious. Their fish is always so fresh and the waitresses have always been awesome. I’ve never had bad service or food at this place which is why I end up coming back almost every week…sometimes twice! It’s a great place to sit, have a drink (or 2 or 3) and share a few rolls. Here’s what’s on their happy hour menu:

Slingchi Martini vodka, lychee juice, dash lemon, lychee fruit  6.00
Red Sangria red wine, ruby port anisette, fresh squeezed juices  6.00
Happy Hour Infusion fresh pineapple infused vodka. short rocks, juicy, soda your choice  6.00
Cold Sake three 2oz selections – nigori, kikumasamune, suigei  8.00

Vegetable Roll – $5.00

Spicy Shrimp Roll – $5.00

Tofu & Mizuna Miso Soup  – $5.00

Edamame  – $5.00

Satsuma Sweet Potato Fries  – $5.00

California Roll  – $6.00

Spicy Tuna Roll – $6.00

Chef’s Special Roll – $6.00

Fried Calamari – $6.00

Chaya Venice Happy Hour

View from outside the restaurant

It’s not the cheapest of happy hours around here but it’s one of my favorite because of the amazingly fresh sushi, the atmosphere, and the friendliness of the waitresses and sushi chefs. But what really makes it one of the best happy hours around besides the good food? It’s all night every night. Amazing right? From 5pm to close every night including the weekends. You can munch on sushi and slurp some yummy slingchi martinis all night, every night.

The atmosphere at Chaya is definitely upscale and “cool”. If you’re not sure what I mean by “cool” then just go check it out and you’ll see what I mean. If you’re looking for a classy spot to meet a date up for happy hour I would highly recommend Chaya.

Chaya Venice Happy Hour

The bar area. Sorry it’s so dark, I didn’t want to annoy people with a flash!

Chaya Venice Happy Hour

The regular sushi menu

Go check it out! I wouldn’t be surprised if you caught me there!

P.S. if you love uni like I do, you should try Chaya’s. It’s the best. It’s not on happy hour so at $10 for nigiri it’s not cheap…but it’s so creamy and delicious!

♥Santa Monica Life♥

2 Responses to “Chaya Venice Happy Hour”
  1. poopman says:

    the poopman love sushi

  2. alidaniel says:

    sushi loves you too poopman!

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