Glow Santa Monica Art and Light Event

I don’t think I need to say much more after this video…but I will because I can.

Last night I was looking up some local events I could attend when I came across something called Glow Santa Monica. Apparently, Glow is an event that was been put on in 2008 and 2010, and is now coming in 2013. I had never heard of it before but it sounds really awesome. It’s basically a nighttime spectacle showcasing art from international, national, and local artists, who’s projects invite visitors to engage and interact with them. It’s is the first all-night art event (from dusk till 3am) in the United States that emphasizes original artwork. Oh Santa Monica life, you never cease to amuse me.

Santa Monica joins such cities as Paris, Toronto, Montreal, Rome, Brussels, Minneapolois, Tel Aviv and Riga in this global movement. Yeah, Santa Monica is that cool, take that NYC.

Here’s what you need to know:

Who: YOU! Anyone is invited & it’s free!

When: September 28, 2013 (don’t forget!)

Where: Pacific Palisades park/Santa Monica Pier & beach

Why: it looks like Disneyland for adults..need I say more?

Ok, so enough with the words, let’s see some pictures!!

Glow Santa Monica ooooh…what is it? no one knows, but it’s provocative!

Glow Santa Monica

Glow Santa Monica

apparently this responded to the noise from the audience with color. totally tubular man!

Glow Santa Monica

Glow Santa Monica

Glow Santa Monica

Perfect time to trick someone into thinking the northern lights are coming to California!

See you there!

♥Santa Monica Life♥

One Response to “Glow Santa Monica Art and Light Event”
  1. Levi Jordan says:

    thats right after my birthday #calendarset!

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