DIY Chunky Infinity Scarf

Despite what you might think, knitting is pretty easy! You might be mocked for being a grandma among friends but they’ll soon be begging for some of your knitted goodies, so don’t be swayed from your new hobby! I picked it up in a few days time and got quicker at it as I went along. A great thing about knitting is that if you mess up, you can always start over and your yarn isn’t wasted. If you want to learn the basics to get started, I’d recommend taking an intro class at your local Michael’s. The class is about 3 hours and it only costs $20 plus materials. That’s how I got started and look at my most recent creation! Don’t be intimidated by knitting–it’s super easy, calming, and the end results make great gifts!

DIY Chunky Infinity Scarf

DIY Chunky Infinity Scarf

The color matches the picture on the right side more accurately than the one on the left. This scarf is super cozy and warm, and it only costs $12 worth of yarn to make–so much cheaper then buying one! It took me about 10 hours to make this one since it was my first attempt at knitting after several trial and error sample squares, but now it takes me about half the time to do the same scarf.

Here’s what you need to knit this infinity scarf:
size 15, 36″ circular knitting needles (don’t be intimidated by circular needles; they are used to create seamless pieces, so you don’t have to sew the two edges together to make the infinity scarf). watch this intro video here if you need help knitting in the round.

Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick Yarn in any color

And here’s my super simple free pattern to follow:

♦Cast on 100 stitches (this is the length of the scarf, you can make it shorter if you don’t want to loop it twice around your neck). Here’s a video tutorial on how to cast on your stitches that helped me.

♦Knit one entire row and mark the end of your last knit stitch with something (I use a bobbypin instead of paying for stitch markers). Then purl the next row. repeat this pattern until you’ve reached your desired thickness of the scarf. I stopped at 7 inches for mine. Here’s a video tutorial on how to do the knit stitch and one on how to do the purl stitch.

2 Responses to “DIY Chunky Infinity Scarf”
  1. Georgina says:

    I enjoy knitting too, and finished a great sweater last night. Just got to sew it together now, which is the bit that I really don’t like!! (And I’m nowhere near being a grandma either!!)

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